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While researching PR agencies for a client recently, I stumbled upon a surprising commonality; Most of the top 100 PR agencies in the UK have either no Instagram account or very little presence. There are few exceptions in the top 100, but most of the agencies with accounts are using it to post pictures of cake.

Take a look at some facts and stats:

Contrast against Instagram usage stats

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PR loves Twitter. Okay, I haven’t got around to creating hard data on this one, but it’s not really worth it as it’s obvious that agencies are more comfortable with Twitter. Because words have always been the currency of PR right? Surely not anymore, that’s so old school.

PR agencies deal in pictures as well as words right? Is Instagram still perceived creative medium? Surely not, there are so many launches,events, products, people opportunities for agencies to create content


It makes sense to create a strong brand presence on Instagram, even if you don’t plan to post regularly.

Okay, even if your agency isn’t comfortable or too time constrained to service the needs of Instagram then you should at least exist in the space, even a strong static presence say more than tumbleweeds and cake. We call this the landing grid, we have curated several client page on this basis. They haven’t posted a single picture since we set up they page, but so what, any visitors get an impactful, on brand overview. It’s not rocket science.


The thing that I find slightly alarming are the agencies that make the boldest claims in their social media service offering but have no Instagram presence. Surely evidence of that expertise starts at home?

I have protected the names to protect the guilty, but I have paired website copy about their social media service, with their own social credentials

Spoke to some agencies that scored well and some that don’t perform.

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